About Us

We Work Hard To Bring You the Best Gardening Resources on the Internet

We’re a family of creative individuals interested in flower and vegetable gardening, art, photography, design, and everything in between.

Our Company

Born out of a shared passion for gardening, and a way to bond across the Atlantic, this site was created by my daughter and I to support our relationship and ultimately provide a broader resource to the gardening community. 

It all started about 7 years ago when my daughter met, then fell in love with, and eventually married a man. Who lived on the other side of the Atlantic! 

Two kids later, there have been several trips to see the family in both directions. This site was developed in part to support those trips (we make a small commission on the ads you see) and to help us see each other more frequently. You can also support that endeavor on our other site cuteanimalgifts.com. Now if the pandemic would go away…


This site isn’t a huge money-maker, but we decided that since we both love gardening and are sharing what we learn with each other, why not share it on a website where others can benefit? 

So, there you have it — the humble beginnings of plantingmygarden.com Some of the design and artwork on the site comes from “the man” my daughter met and married, some from me and some from the many talented artists who share their work on sites like Pixabay and unsplash

Our Team

We’re not an official company, but here are our shining faces! 

Bobbie Devereux


Erica Barink