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How users will use the directory

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Have more questions?

When you submit an application for inclusion in our directory, we will review the content for appropriateness before the listing goes live. This is to provide a great experience for our end-users -- your customers/followers/consumers. 

You’ll be asked to choose a primary gardening resource type. We’ve tried to cover everything, but there is a chance that there is something we missed. If you don’t see the right category for your resource type, please submit your listing and then email us with your suggested category. We promise to consider adding relevant categories as the need arises! 

Here are the resource types we are looking for in the Primary Gardening Resource Type field (you can choose multiple)

Gardening Suppliers – Anyone who provides seeds, tools, apparel, shoes, hats, gloves, pesticides, fencing, soil – everything gardeners need to work – should be listed in this category.

Gardening Information & Informal instruction – a listing in this category may be a blog, book, magazine, YouTube channel, or database of plants – any information-based resource that will help gardeners get started. Most times this includes information on various gardening-related topics. 

Gardening-Related Non-profit Organization – gardening-related not-for-profit organizations. 

Gardening-Related Government agency – gardening resources provided by the United States government, or state and local agencies. 

Gardening Courses – educational resources for gardeners that are provided online, in-person, or via mail or email. 

Gardening Club – local, state or national gardening clubs or other membership groups.

Garden Destinations & Activities – a public garden, a garden that gives private tours, local gardens – anywhere one can travel to and see beautiful gardens.  This includes farmers markets, you-pick farms and anywhere you can see gardening live. 

Gardening-Related Social Media – a category for Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts that gardeners should follow, as well as Facebook and Meetup Groups to join. Other social media outlets are welcome as well. 

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